Club Background

The Snowplough Ski Club is a propriety limited company owned and operated by its shareholders. The club (company) was established in 1982 when a property (the lodge) was purchased in East Jindabyne, overlooking Lake Jindabyne and the town of Jindabyne. The sole purpose of the club is to provide accommodation at reasonable rates for members and guests of members.

The club operates under registered Articles of Association and is managed by a board of directors elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. Office bearers are a President, Treasurer, Secretary, Booking Officer (who takes and coordinates bookings) and a Lodge Manager (responsible for maintenance, provisions, etc.).

The company is limited to 46 shareholders. There are currently 21 Single shareholders and 23 Family shareholders. The difference between Single and Family shares is the price, not the marital/family status of the member. Both Family and Single shareholders are entitled to one vote. The original issue price of a Single share package was $3,200 (actually 3,200 shares @ $1) and a Family share package $5,500 (actually 5,500 shares @ $1). Family shareholders have preference to the family rooms on the upper levels of the lodge and to accommodation during school holiday periods. There are still 2 Single shares held in reserve and for which there are no plans to sell in the foreseeable future (they could be sold, for example, if there was a need to raise capital).

Membership covers a wide cross section of ages, family compositions and occupations.