IMG_1377The lodge is well equipped and has good cooking and refrigeration facilities. All beds have comfortable mattresses, doonas and doona covers. There are 3 modern bathrooms and good heating in winter. There is no TV but members are welcome to bring their TV and other entertainment equipment providing its use does not disturb other guests. There is no telephone but mobile reception is generally good. There is a public telephone a short walk away. Wireless Internet is available in East Jindabyne.


What is provided?

The club provides tea, coffee, sugar, flour, salt, pepper, sauces, cooking oil, detergent, rubber gloves, toilet paper and emergency food such as tinned spaghetti and a variety of noodle and rice packets. Open food items should be kept in the food cupboards, not the pantry. If any items are missing, damaged or depleted please advise the Lodge Manager or Booking Officer.

What to bring?

All personal clothing and toiletries Towel Sheets and pillow cases (or own pillow) Sleeping bag if preferred Tea towels (some are provided but must be washed for the next guests)

Sharing facilities with others

Common sense and courtesy prevails.
Cooking – please tidy up as best you can immediately you have cooked if a second party is waiting after you. If you are waiting, don’t forget you can use the other kitchen. Ablutions – there are toilets and showers on all levels for all to use. Please don’t spend too long in the bathroom if there are a lot of people in the lodge.


Please don’t forget to mop the bathroom, sweep the kitchen, vacuum carpets and take your garbage with you.

Thanks for your cooperation